Oct 28, 2013


Make up isn't plastic surgery. We have that nose, those eyes, that mouth, makeup just enhances it so you see it better. You never tell a woman that she should or shouldn't wear makeup.
It's not a beauty maker, but a beauty enhancer.
It beyond pisses me off when people say makeup hides who you really are.
Make up gives a woman a chance to highlight what she loves about her face, and hide her flaws.
Everyone has flaws. Make up just helps cover the flaws in our skin and enhance the rest.

Oct 2, 2013

Best Idea

The best silent protest idea Ive ever had??
Next election, how about NOBODY votes, it's not like our votes count anyways.

Aug 14, 2013


Got a new job today, tomorrow is my last day of my old job. Yay. :)

Miss my co-workers though.

Any ways.

Aug 12, 2013

Faith in Humanity

This is what i love to see.
$17,021 dollars from charity to save dogs from being butchered.
faith in humanity? being restored day by day.


Reading meterial.

once a month my grandparents change the reading material in the downstairs bathroom, this month: Bipolar Disorder for Dummies....

Jul 23, 2013

Thunder Clouds

Watching the thunder clouds roll in, i scream, Im in the dark alone, your dancing on the sounds of my screams, laughter filling the air, Lightining strikes, lighting up the world for seconds, then darkness again. The rain poors down, im soaked and scared, but you laugh, and yell once more " Im sorry! IM SO CONFUSED, im not sorry, im sorry im yelling at you, this isn't your fault..." "Baby, when im yelling at you, it's not your fault." The rain makes puddles around my feet, i can hear you moving, your such a joke i whisper, knowing you heard me, this love is over... Then lighting strikes and your face is an inch from mine, but i didnt jump, i smiled, the world goes dark once more, then another strike makes our world glow, and im gone. Your left confused and scared, but im not concerned with you. I left this mess, i left you alone , in your time of need, and im not sorry, the thunder clouds roll on, taking the rain and darkness with them, and the sun shines again, and i smile again, i feel happy, now that your gone.

Jul 19, 2013

Fuck it.

He once told me i could write a poem about him.
He once told me i could achieve all things i wished.
He told me alot of things, he saide he'd never leave, and he'd never dissapoint me, but he proved himself a liar.
my love why did you go? why did you leave, as i sat there the dark? i am cold and afraid. I wish you hadn't left me. Every night when I dream, I dream of your face. I dream of the lies you told me, but in my drams, they werent lies.  I love you now, like I loved you then. We were only feshmen, we were only children, but you are the love of my life. This floor is so cold, my fingers grip each little bump as i run my hand across the floor. My wet hair soaking my T-shirt, as little water droplets smack the ground. I just stare at the fuzziness that apears when you simply stare, at nothing, that stare that you have in class, your looking at something, but you don't see it, i don't see the floor, i just stare, my head in my hands.
Fuck it, i think to myself, fuck this, your not worth the tears i shed, the pain i feel, the emptiness that exists in my chest, the dreams i give you at ngiht, the moments i think about you, your not worth this. I get up, feel the cold wood floor under my feet, and walk to the bedroom we used to share. I get dressed and i smile. I look in the mirror and smile the happiest smile i can, and i say quietly, fuck it. Fuck you.

Jul 18, 2013

Never stop dreaming.

I just made this. :) i put the fireworks into the clouds and put the words in there, Im pretty proud of this.

Jul 17, 2013

rain storms.

looking out the window, seeing your own reflection in it, and the pouring rain through your face.The glistening drops of water as they hit the gorund, they explode and colide into one small lake. The lights strike through the sky, lighting up the world for us to see, and the thunder creating music for the show.


Don't lose yourself to an image you want others to believe.  Create yourself through the image you want to see.